Jennifer Webber brings a unique set of skills to her work. By combining her background in policy, communications, politics and management with a strategic and savvy perspective, Jennifer helps organizations identify and achieve their goals by providing the services below.

Public Affairs – Jennifer works with organizations to identify, assess, prioritize and respond to issues in the public policy arena. Through identifying stakeholders and determining the most effective and persuasive way to communicate with them, Jennifer gives her clients options so their advocacy work is smart, efficient and effective.

Communications Strategy and Planning – What to say, when to say it, how to say it, who should say it. Jennifer helps organizations communicate their core values and organizational goals to policy makers and supporters and helps them shape public opinion by developing key messages and planning how best to deliver them.

Coalition Building – Organizations often sell themselves and their issues short when they think about who shares their concerns. Jennifer looks at issues from every angle and identifies opportunities to broaden and strengthen coalitions as they advocate for issues with opinion leaders, decision makers, supporters and the public.

Project Management – Jennifer offers project management for organizations that cannot take key advocacy items off their to-do lists. From coordinating advocacy efforts around legislation to editing, designing and publishing reports and collateral materials, Jennifer can provide the short-term expertise an organization needs.

Organizational Consulting – Does your organization need to more effectively use its financial and staff resources? Does it need to improve its performance to secure funding or achieve its advocacy goals? Is staff turnover a problem? Jennifer has experience working in and with a wide range of organizational structures and can help identify key areas for improvement and work with organizational leaders and front line staff on transitions for positive change and improved effectiveness.